Wednesday, August 31, 2005

we're 48 today

so, merdeka is here again... saw some traces of fireworks from my bedroom window just now. even at 1am now, the atmosphere outside is really lively, with shoutings, laughings and the occasional firecrackers. must be kids from the nearby college. anyway, am questionning (in my mind) the government about the fireworks display, after the haze situation just mere weeks ago.

anyway, thank god tomorrow's a holiday. will most probably be catching up on my sleep. biological clock gone haywire. slept at 4am on sunday (technically monday morn) coz just can't bl**dy fall asleep! and yesterday (monday), had to finish up a long-overdue piece of work, by hook or by crook. stayed up till 3am to get it done and e-mailed out. so basically, only slept for 2 hours on sunday and 3 hours on monday. gosh, am so panda-eyed that it's a wonder the zoo authorities didn't come get me!

oh, and i got some bad news about my doggie (or rather, ex-doggie, coz i gave her away to a friend few years back when i moved to this apartment). on sat, i drove my friend N for her dental appointment and since we were in the area, we thought maybe we'd drop by to pay Niji a visit. when we got to the house and my friend came out to greet us, we expected to see Niji ('rainbow' in japanese) bounding out after her. but there was no sign of her, only Tao-Tao, Niji's son, who barked at us. so we ask LP. her reply was, "oh, Niji no more oredi loh!" gosh, my heart immediately went 'duk' into the pits of my stomach! after more questions, we learned that Niji has not died, but was kidnapped!

about 2 months back, after bathing Niji and Tao-Tao, LP left them out in the porch to be dried under the sun. and as usual, the 2 rascals escaped the confines of the gate and fence for some frolic outside. LP wasn't worried as they're always doing that and will come back eventually after a satisfying 'freedom run' around the neighbourhood. but that day, only Tao-Tao came back, sitting outside the gate waiting to be let in. no sign of Niji. i forgot to ask LP if they went out to search for her... after leaving LP's house, N and i discussed about it and came to the conclusion that her kidnapper couldn't have been from the area, as if they were, Niji would surely find a way to escape and make her way home (she's such an 'escapist'!). and we're nearly sure that she's been kidnapped, coz she just had her bath and would surely look all white and fluffy. also, she has always been a friendly doggie, due to the fact that she was brought up in a student house, with lots of ppl coming and going around her. so it'll be so easy to lure her into a waiting car. LP said she dun even bark at strangers who came to the house, unlike the fiercer Tao-Tao. of couse, there's always this nagging thought at the back of my mind that she could've been knocked down by a car or ended up as a meal for some foreigners. just pray that she's really been kidnapped, for her cuteness and not for her meat, and that her new owners treat her good. *sob*sob*

my baby, at 3 months old...

still have her pic in my room