Sunday, September 04, 2005

weekend meet-ups

met up with some strangers this weekend. hehehe... strangers, but good friends! been chatting with YH for nearly 4 years, and so far, met only twice (including the past weekend). as for T, she was a friend of YH and he started us off with chatting, then when my ex-company banned messengers, we moved on to e-mails and sms. have not met T in our 2 years plus of communication... so when YH said he'll be home (from HK), we thought it'll be a good idea to meet up. hmm... it was a bit kekok, but i guess that's how it is with first meetings...

T turned out to be quite a leng-lui!


on sunday, went to have lunch with my ex-boss from my first company, a japanese. he's always coming here for vacation every year around this time. this really cute 'sweeties' is from him, came in a really nice japanese box!