Monday, August 22, 2005


stumbled across a blog of someone i know, a joint-blog between an acquaintance n his gf. what an eye-opener! it's so full of emotions, i'd never have believed it if i've not read it for myself. the guy writes about all the love he has for his gf. am impressed as it's nice to see a guy so into a gal. it's something that some people would never experience: a total love for a gal. pity...

AND then he writes about his hate for nearly everything around him! he even gripes about the escalator! his gf is also the same. i'm so surprised... she seemed like a nice soft-spoken gal (i know her personally). guess we really can't judge the book by it's cover <=== something i should've learnt a long time ago with all the betrayals done upon me.

after reading their blog, i think i'm really an angel! hahaha... not exactly a saint, as there are some things n ppl that i hate, but not to THAT extend! gosh, isn't it tiring to hate every little minor things around u? the guy who stopped to talk to u, ur boss, ur landlady, ur gf's landlady, ur job, ur belly etc... really so many things to hate meh???

i wonder if ppl i know would be surprise when reading my blog. to read about the true me. one way or the other, life is like a masquerade.

Paper faces on parade,
Hide your face,
so the world will never find you!

Every face a different shade
Turn around
there's another mask behind you.

~Masquerade, Phantom of the Opera

neeways, lucky for them that there's no mention of ME in there! if not, i'd surely hate them back with similar intensity! Image hosted by

*craving for sushi...