Tuesday, August 23, 2005

creepy crawlies!!

urgh! dunno why, a lot of bugs seem to like flying into my room. how come ar? even my housemates say so! and i especially hate those with wings! lately, a lot of larger and not-so-normal insects have shown up. normally it's just those small moths and the occasional beetle. last week, a BEE flown in, dunno from where. urgh! had me running, ducking, jumping and screaming all at the same time! luckily one of my housemates are not afraid of such winged creatures, so she bravely went into my room (which i've long since abandoned) to take care of it. me, i just stood at the doorway, barely daring to stick my head in to see what's going on! so useless hor?

and a few nights later, a huge gigantic grasshopper was found perched on my curtain railings. gosh! i really can't believe my eyes! when i finally believed that it's indeed a creepy crawly grasshopper, i slowly got up from my chair, not wanting to scare the thing, and then quickly run into my housemate's room to seek help. again, she bravely went into my room to shoo away the thing. but the thing just refused to be shooed! it flew (yes, it actually FLEW - what large wings it has!) around my room, with my housemate following it around with a plastic bag. finally she managed to get it down to the floor, where she tried to cover it with the plastic bag. even so, it was only after a few attempts that it was finally captured. and during the whole process, i was screaming and jumping around OUTSIDE the room. the grasshopper gave one jump/fly, i'll give a shrill "aaahhh" *jump* once. aiyo, shy only... :Þ

and yesterday, a big giant moth pulak few into my room. it's those really big brown and white kind that u find in cold places. urgh!!! hate them! again, my housemate to the rescue... so kagum. how can she not scared of those things ar? my other housemate was laughing at me, saying maybe i have a sign that said, "all bugs welcomed". urgh!

neeways, this brave housemate told me that this month will have a lot of such insects, as it's a you-know-what month. OMG, thanks a lot of reminding me! some ppl believe that momoks will take on the form of insects to 'visit' the living. basically, i dun really believe this last bit. and anyway, heard somewhere that if a house is haunted, u'll never find any insect in it, not even a spider or mouse. coz their animal instincts will tell them that the house is 'dirty' and will stay away. is that the reason for my room being visited so frequently by those creepy crawlies?

*still craving for sushi!