Thursday, August 18, 2005


2 good friends of mine gave birth recently...

cherry's baby isabelle, born on 19 July 2005

biow's baby wenn, born on 14 August 2005

anyway, a comment on siblings i made in biow's blog awakened my memory (albeit a failing one!) of an incident i had with my bro when we were very young...

i think i was just a wee baby then, barely one week old and still with the plaster stucked at my belly button. (*note: this was told to me by bro n dad, coz obviously i was too young to comprehend or remember!) anyway, bro was in the same room with me when dad popped in to check on us. he saw that 2 y/o bro had somehow caused my tali pusat plaster to fall off and immediately sat him down to have a 'man-to-man' talk with him.

according to bro, dad said very solemnly to him, "mei-mei is very small and you are her kor kor. you must protect her ok? you must make sure she is not harmed", at which bro nodded as if in total understanding. from that day onwards, bro has never laid a pinky on me, even when we were fighting. he'd always let me win. so nice hor? hehehe... bro always blame that talk with dad, saying that it psycho-ed him into always letting me bully him. good ole dad! but i think i'm not too spoiled to take advantage of my bro's soft spot for me. i know my limits.....