Thursday, August 18, 2005

fishy memory...

read somewhere that fish have the shortest memory span, esp goldfish, with only 2 minutes of memory. well, whenever i think of this, i'll think of dory from Finding Nemo! so funny, that fish!

neeways, reason i'm blogging abt this is because i find that my memory span is getting shorter by the day... signs of ageing? *sob*sob*

had QES training today. this particular training is made up of 5 modules, and we need to attend 1 module every month, today being the 3rd. during today's training, i found that i can't remember anything from the last 2 modules! gosh... when the trainer review on the things we've covered in the past months, i'm like searching frantically in my brain for any trace of those things... so sad. now i can REALLY forget abt further studies.

maybe it's because it's such a classroom theory training. so sien... and so not interesting at all. i think i'm the type who does better at skill learning rather than theory. ask me abt the rules of grammar and i can only stare at you blankly, really. i only know how to apply it... thank god i didn't aspire to be a teacher! grin