Friday, June 24, 2005


s: hello?
j: hi stargal, u remember me?
s: huh?
j: u don't remember me? we met last week during the m* dinner.
s: huh?
j: i'm j* from exx* lar.
s: oh, hi (groan!)
j: so normally where do u have ur lunch?
s: ta-pao back and eat with my clgs.
j: ic. what abt dinner?
s: umm... i normally umm eat dinner with my bf
j: oh, u have a bf?
s: yeah.
j: ic, how long have u been together?
s: a few years.
j: so are you happy with him?
s: *lost for words for a while n starting to get annoyed* obviously rite? if not i wouldn't be with him for so long rite?
j: ic. is he ur first bf?
s: yes (yay, got 8 e-mails!)
j: normally first love last very long wan. so u mean u dun have any bf during ur schooling years?
s: no.
j: but u're so pretty.
s: so? *rolling eyes n dun make any effort to hide annoyance from voice anymore*
j: maybe u dun layan them?
s: mm...
j: so ur bf is also around klcc?
s: no, we meet up after work (Dear boss, i just received the report from.....)

j: ic, is ur bf the jealous type?
s: um... we give each other a lot of freedom.
j: really? so means if ur bf goes out on dates with other girls, u'll be fine?
s: going out to eat together and dates are 2 different things and anyway, he dun do that.
j: hey, u can never be sure u know. maybe he nvr tell u leh?
s: we meet almost everyday, how can i not know?
j: very difficult to say wan.
s: mm...
j: u don't stay with ur bf?
s: no.
j: don't u think it's a good idea to stay together?
s: no (hmm... if my flight is at this time, that means i should...)
j: then do u always hang out over to his place or he comes over to ur place?
s: no. normally we go out during weekends.
j: u don't stay over at each other's place during weekends?
s: what for? we have our own house to go back to.
j: no mar, since u don't have to wake up early for work on the weekends, then can just sleep in. don't u think that'll be nice? u don't like to cuddle wan ar?
s: (what the...??!!) hey, but isn't that a bit personal?
j: no mar, just that some of my friends who live with their parents say it's very inconvenient. i don't mean to upset u. just wanted to see what's ur opinion.
s: mm...
j: but u're quite open minded rite?
s: huh?
j: coz u gave me ur number...
s: huh? i just gave u my ext. no *rolling eyes* and anyway, it's all just part of the job.
j: oh, u see it as part of ur job...
s: mm...
j: ic... hey, it's been nice knowing u. maybe we can do lunch sometimes? since dinner is out of the question for u.
s: mm... (shit)
j: but this week i can't lar, coz i need to go to K* on wed, then on..... bla bla bla
s: mm... (*flipping newspaper* hey, isetan on sale!)
j: bla bla bla
s: mm... (shut up lar)
j: bla bla bla
s: mm... (urgh, can shaddup or not???)
j: so maybe next week or the week after that?
s: mm, whatever lar *rolling eyes*
j: hey, it's been nice knowing you.
s: yeah...
j: too bad u alread have a bf.
s: ok, bye!
~ click ~
s: *screaming shrilly in the head*