Thursday, June 30, 2005

my 3d2n stint

back from familiarization attachment to company plant at last. dem tired! other than getting to stay in a nice hotel and eating hotel food to bursting point, it was all pretty boring. and it's double boring if u go alone. what's the point of going swimming, sauna, gym, strolling on the beach etc if u're doing it all alone? *sigh...

but at least i'm mobile, as i have the use of the company kembara. not that it's any good tho', coz where can u go in terengganu? night life there is practically nil, honest! here's the kembara that i have to drive, which is pretty embarassing, with the overhead lights, siren (switched off, of course!) and the noise. even tho' it's quite a new car (mileage just over 15k km), but it felt like it's parts will be falling off at any minute!


neeways, got a phone call to my hotel room on the 2nd night, from one of the managers, an expat (dutch, i think). took me quite a while realize phone was ringing actually, coz didn't expect ppl to ring me at the hotel!
h: hello stargal. this is h*.
s: oh hi (big question mark).
h: my wife and i will be going to the beach later, at around 9. so we were just wondering if you'd like to join us.
s: oh... erm... actually i'm just about to sleep!
h: what? at 8.30? i thought u're a big city girl. you should be feeling most alive at this time.
s: *laughing* i know! i guess staying in a beach resort has had it's effects on me. i'm getting so lazy!
h: ic. i was thinking since u have 3 days here, u'd be bored being cooped up in the hotel.
s: i am actually, but i was just watching tv and dozing off *laughs*.
h: *laughing* well, too bad then.
s: yeah, but thanks for the invitation anyway.
h: sure. see you tomorrow.

after putting down the phone, first thought: "how nice of them!" but when told mom, got different response: "dont' go! he might just be saying 'my wife and i' but then later come alone. very dangerous!" hmm... am i being too naive or mom's being too paranoid?

oh, and this was my first time flying domestic, so was a big sua-ku having to actually walk down from the plane! hehe... but i think the waiting part was a bit waste of time. the flight proper takes less than 1 hour, but we'll have to wait for like hours! now i can sorta understand why my fren H said business trips are so sien.