Monday, June 20, 2005

of ghosts n ghouls...

i've always been a timid gal, despite the tough outlook (at least to some people anyway) and having a wild imagination is of no help at all!

when i was in secondary school, i would always make a resolution to wake up early to chant 1/2 hour of Daimoku before going off to school. most days, i'd be able to achieve it quite easily albeit being a well-known sleepyhead. but some days, my imagination would get the beter of me and i'd be too afraid to get out of bed at such ungodly hours. i'd imagine a cold bony hand reaching out from under the bed to grab me by the legs if i so much as push my legs out of the boundaries of my mattress, or seeing a white shadow drift pass in the pitch black hall outside when i open my room door. then i'd stay put in bed until more souls have stirred from their slumber and i can see more lights coming to life from the houses in my neighborhood.

i'm always careful to avert my eyes from the foggy mirror when i shower. it's only when i've finished showering and the fog in the mirror has cleared some that i braved myself to look at my own reflection and chide myself for being such a silly ole goose. no scary image is going to appear behind you in the reflection! i also avoid looking into the rearview mirror when driving alone late at night unless absolutely necessary, which i must admit, is not really safe driving.

yesterday, went for a small pot-luck gathering with my ex-colleagues. 1 of them was just telling about her recent trip to taiwan and one of the 'highlights' of the trip was the haunted hotels. her room mate actually saw an image of a lady ghost behind her while showering!!! gosh, how the hair on my hands and neck pricked!

and henceforth, the conversation turned to haunted hotels and ghosts n spirits in general. at that moment, in broad daylight, it was all pretty interesting conversation. but after that, in the midst of the night, when we're all alone on a moonless night, the streets deserted of living things and a love-sick dog howling away in the distance, it'll all come back to play havoc on our minds.

suddenly i remembered that i'll be going to terengganu next week, for my 3d2n familiarisation attachment at my company plant. and i'll be staying at the hotel all by myself! *shudder* i don't know how i'm going to get thru that 3 days, esp when i'm in the shower! oh how i wish i've not participated in that revelry of spooks!