Tuesday, April 26, 2005

going into 2nd week

well, life is pretty ok at the new office. still lots to learn!

ok, what have i learnt in this 1 week plus?
1) there are more cars on the road at 7am than at 9.30am.
2) commuters at lrt stations are quite well-disciplined, standing to the left of the escalators if they want to just ride it ‘standing’, making way for those who continue to climb the stairs (even tho’ it’s an escalator).
3) you can’t get to the very top floor of the twin towers without getting queried by the guards there.
4) KLCC stands for Kuala Lumpur City Centre and it means the whole area of the city centre. but almost everyone thinks it’s just referring to the twin towers.

but hey, what about my job? what have i learnt? heaps n loads of stuff! been reading lots of folders n stuff… information overload!!! i gotta admit that it’s all kinda daunting. but i know it’s a long learning process, so i’ll just gotta take it all in my stride. everything here is still very new to me. hopefully i’ll be able to adapt quickly to my new family and learn as much as possible in the shortest time.

neeways, the working environment is really good, with nice clgs. it’s like a total 180 deg from astro n atm, where it’s practically steeping in office politics. here, i think our only worry is performing in our given tasks. we don’t have to worry abt who will be the next person to stab us in the back or going to the office everyday in a bulletproof jacket. a really refreshing change!

but one thing i find a big waste is that i don’t have the opportunity to actually work n learn under the current corp. comm. gal. even tho’ i have 3 weeks with her, it’s different. now she’s just passing everything to me, and it’s very difficult to absorb everything in such a short period. she’s really experienced in this field and i think she’ll really make a good mentor. there’s so much i can learn from her! hmm… just too bad lar. luckily she won’t be going too far off. at least we’ll still be in the same building. but at that time, she’ll only be extending her help as a favour, and not out of obligations as my senior.