Friday, February 04, 2005

really dao-mei (unlucky)

wanted to go to the bank yesterday. as i turned into the shop lots area of the bank, a pajero was parked illegally at the shoulder of the road on the left, directly in front of a restaurant. as i was passing it, its car door suddenly swung open and it was too late for me to brake. i think i just scrapped it or something as the door didn't drop off... but the left side of my car teruk... both doors were scratched, my side mirror was gone, the mudguard above my left wheel was dented and the little signal light at the side was gone. *shit*

so i got down to face the driver, a fat guy around my age. at first he said it's just a small matter and wanted to walk off! but i said it's not a small matter, as my car was damaged n it's his fault.

fatso: it's an accident lar. no one wish such things to happen.

sue: yeah, i also didn't wish to bang you. but it has happened and u are the cause of it. so u have to take responsibilities.

fatso: ok, u jot down my number and call me after u've fixed it.

sue: how can? what if u run away?

fatso: i won't lar. u can call my number now. my phone will ring.

sue: i know, but what if u refuse to pick up my call or refuse to pay me later? there're a lot of such cases.

fatso: i won't lar. if not, what do u want?

sue: pay me off now. i think it'll need rm500 to fix it.

fatso: no lar, rm500 too much lar. i think rm100-200 can fix oredi.

sue: hey, just look at my car. how can rm100-200 be enough?

fatso: i don't have so much money now (didn't dare to show me his wallet)

sue: there's a bank over there (pointing).

fatso: i don't have any money in the bank. i don't have an ATM card.

sue: so how?

fatso: ok lar, here's my name card. call me when u've fixed it, then we'll split the bill.

sue: what do u mean split the bill??? i'm not in the wrong. why should i pay for it?

fatso: ok lar, just call me after u've fix it (walking away into the restaurant).

sue: wait, why are u walking away? this has not settled yet!

fatso: i told u, call me after u've fixed it.

after some time arguing, we decided to make a report. so i told him he'll have to pay the compound of rm300, coz he's in the wrong. and u know what the stupid pig said? "no. we do our own report. u go report it now, i'll do it later after my dinner" (starting to walk in the restaurant again). so after consulting my dad on the phone, really bo-pien lor. asked for rm100 as deposit from him, the rest to be paid later after fixing.

later that night, i told N abt it. she told her family, then they got his number from me. at first, N's uncle called the guy, spoke nicely to him. but even b4 he finished his sentence, the pig disconnected the line! then N's mom kept trying to call, at last got thru. she scolded him for bullying me, but he said he never. he said he's already paid me rm100, n asked me to use that rm100 to fix the car! so N's mom asked him: "u think ur rm100 is very big? how can rm100 be enuf for those damages??" again, he said he'll split the bill with me. N's mom said i'll call him back.

so i called him and said he'll have to pay the full cost, as it's not my fault but he said both parties are in the wrong.

fatso: u saw my car parking there, why did u drive so close to my car?

sue: hey, in the first place, u shouldn't have parked ur car there. it's not a legal parking place.

fatso: that's another matter.

sue: yes, but u opened the door suddenly without looking behind. u're lucky u have not stepped out. if not, i would've knocked u dead! ok, if u wanna settle it, meet me at the workshop tomorrow and u deal with the workshop urself.

fatso: i'm very busy. i have 3-4 meetings tomorrow, i can't meet u.

sue: then too bad. i'll just have to make a report.

fatso: ok, make a report then.

i did went to make a report at the traffic police. but apparently, they can't take any action as i've taken his money n that's considered a settlement. the officer told me, even if i'd taken rm2 from him, it's considered as we've settled it. so it's a no case. damn!

anyway, went to have my damage accessed... fixing will take rm150 and spraying another rm100++, so it'll be around rm300++. gonna call that pig to tell him i've not lodge a report and ask him to pay. stupid fatty pig!

p/s: the thing that got me most mad is when he said i'm mah-fan... what did he mean by me being mah-fan??? he thinks i enjoy having my car damaged like that??? he thinks i enjoy arguing with him? if it weren't for him, i won't even be standing there talking to him! *fuming*