Saturday, February 05, 2005

really dao-mei (unlucky) - part 2

called the fatso again today to tell him the fixing cost is rm480. he said it's too expensive n i've been cheated. i told him we know the workshop and they won't cheat us. he said he's already asked around and the most is only rm300. so he said he'll only pay me rm150. the first time i called, the line was disconnected. so i called back and said, "it's not settled yet, y did u cut me off?" he said his line is bad, as he's driving on the highway. here's our conversation briefly...

sue: how can just pay rm150?

fatso: yeah, we split the bill. we're both in the wrong. u shouldn't have driven so fast in a small lane.

sue: u also know how to say it's a small lane. then u shouldn't have parked ur big car at the shoulder.

fatso: whatever it is, i'll just give you rm150. i gave u rm100 yesterday, so i'll just give u another rm50. ok, it's settled (wanted to put down the phone).

sue: no, wait, it's not. rm150 is not enuf. let's settled this properly.

fatso: i also want to settle it properly. but y must u ask so many ppl to call me. i didn't like the way ur mom (N's mom, she pretended to be my mom) spoke to me, as if i'm bullying u. i didn't bully u, ok?

sue: ok, my mom is uneducated n her tone is a little too strong. i can apologize on behalf of my mom. but u also have to be reasonable.

fatso: no, no need apologize. rm150 is enuf lar. i went to fix my car door just now. i had to pay rm400 over leh.

sue: but u can't put those up against me. it wasn't my fault.

fatso: i'm not putting it against u. i'm just telling u i need to come out so much of money. rm150 is enuf for ur car lar. ok, that's it. i need to attend a meeting now (put down the phone).

wow! his meeting is on the highway! impressive! *eyes rolling*

later, i send him an sms:

the total cost is rm480. if u dun believe me, i can fax u the receipt. i think u pay rm300 is very reasonable. my account number is xxx for abc bank. if u believe in 'pao-ing' n 'ying-kuo', then i hope u'll do the right thing.

plan B: gonna 'chase debt' beginning cny eve. hopefully he's the superstitious type. some ppl really pantang abt such things during cny. even if i dun get the money, at least he's not going to be let off so easily. that'll teach him to mess with me!