Sunday, January 23, 2005

feeling better...

had a good cry n a good sleep... now feeling not so desolate, more clear-headed.

i remember something someone told me once, that i'm like a little puppy. and for ppl like me, the world will consist of only 2 types of ppl:
type 1 - ppl who goes, "oh, a puppy. must protect n sayang it."
type 2 - ppl who goes, "hey, a puppy! let's take away its bone n bully it. should be fun to watch it suffer!"

how come i'm meeting more of type 2 ppl and less of type 1? *sigh... and how come there isn't any type 3, where they'll just be happy to see n play with the little puppy, as equals, without any obligations to wanna protect it? am i really that weak?