Monday, January 24, 2005

sold off my piano... last! i thought i'd never be able to sell it. really owe it to sc for helping me... *phew*

they came to take it today, much to the disappointment of my housemates. they thought it's a real pity to be selling it off, coz i got it at a bargain price and the price i'm letting go is too low. they think i should just keep it. but it's of no use to me now, just another piece of furniture that i have to dust every week. so i guess that's the most sensible thing to do. at least it'll be of better use to its new owner. but i sure will miss it... hope the new owner treats it kindly.

so now my room is back to its 'pre-piano' arrangements. spent the whole day today re-arranging my room. gosh, how can a gal 'accumulate' so many things?

k, i need to iron some clothes for tomorrow's interview now. *sigh... hate ironing!