Monday, December 13, 2004

reply to my ukm choir group

hi ppl. looks like xmas mood is here... an early christmas wish to everyone!

neeways eugene, i think most of us feel that way... after a few years in the working world, we'll be a little lost. working is so different from studying. in uni, our lives are marked with assignments, exams, semesters, practices etc. but once we step into the working world, it's all flat day in day out. that's y after sometime, we'll begin to ask ourselves, "gosh, what m i doing? where is my life going?" they dun teach us how to deal with this in uni, but it still haunts us...


1) dun ask me how to deal with it, i'm still lost! kekeke... :Þ

2) it's called Cyberview Lodge

in reply to:

"The Choir will be going to Sabah next January, and I may be quitting my new job at the end of the month/year...very disillusioned now....just don't know what to do with my life now. Choir members, former and present ones, if you people do believe in God, please remember me in your prayers....

Speaking of carolling, some of the Choir members will be singing on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day itself at the Cyberlodge something....