Monday, December 13, 2004

monday monday

another monday... YAWN!!! still tired... panda eyes getting darker. hopefully it'll not become a permanent thing that no amount of eye gel/cream can remedy... *sigh...

hmm... i wonder if sk-ii is really as great as advertised? tried their mask once, really soothing and nice. but i've heard the amount of pitera used in their products is really harmful to our skin and once we stop using it, our skin will age really fast. so means we'll have to keep using it for the rest of our lives in order to maintain our youthful looks? pokkai lar, like that... no wonder bloody sk-ii is making such big bucks!

neeways... seeing that it's dec, many ppl are talking abt new year's resolutions n stuff... to tell the truth, i've stopped making any new year's resolutions years ago. coz dun seem to be able to keep them... maybe just the first few months lar, then will get sien with it... kekeke... i'm a sucker in keeping resolutions. tongue

but i guess one needs to have some sort of resolution, just to keep tract of our progress in life... will stack up my pillows high-high tonight n ponder abt this issue... gosh, i'm anticipating a big headache tonight!