Tuesday, December 14, 2004

missing in action

got a call from one of the persons-in-charge from the Renaissance Choir yesterday... coz i've been missing too many practices. *sigh... have been so bogged down by work n stuff that i just can't find time to go. hmm...

actually, now i wonder if i was too rash in getting myself involved in so many things all at once. i'm so tired all the time! tiredness is like a perpetual shadow for me... *sigh...

anyway, the choir PIC asked me if anything was wrong and if she'd be seeing me at practice anytime soon... frankly, at that very moment, i felt like telling her that i really can't commit and wish out, that i made a big mistake by thinking that i could, when in actual sense i can't.

even for sunday practices, i'd feel too tired to go. normally i'd stay up until the wee hours of sunday to finish up my work, usually sleeping only at 4-5 am. that's y i'm always MIA.

but then i thought of M, who so painstakingly helped me get an audition... i'll feel so guilty! n she'll think i am not serious and was just playing ard... *sigh... how ar?