Sunday, December 12, 2004

greetings from m'ca!

hehehe... now on my bro's pc, trying out his new broadband... dem fast man! hmm... hopefully this blog dun leave any trace on his pc... won't want him to be nosing ard!

came back today, will be going back to kl tomorrow. spend the whole day arranging and re-arranging all the photos my bro n i took during our hk trip into 2 big albums. then at night, went to Jonker Walk with mom n dad... wow! that place is really happening! they have lotsa things there, including china-made stuff. n pretty cheap too! i told my mom we shouldn't have bought anything from china lar... after coming back, we should've just gone to Jonker Walk and buy all those china-made stuff as souvenirs for our friends! kekeke...