Wednesday, December 15, 2004

right decision?

was being called for an interview... supposed to be at 2.50pm today... but i rejected it. hmm... dunno if i did right.

it was at Nilai College, see... actually, the only reason i wanna leave this current company is the low salary. so if they kenot offer me my expected salary, then i think there's no point for me to uproot myself from kl n move all the way to nilai. even if they offer me higher than my current pay, but lower than my expected one, i dun think it's worth it. and all the way to nilai!

so yesterday i called them up to tell them that i'll give it a pass. the hr gal, joanne, was very nice... she was like trying to persuade me to go and take a look at the place, tho i stressed on the salary part. she also said they'll really like to get to know me and asked me to just attend the interview b4 making any decision. i think they were attracted to my cv, coz in their ad, they wrote that some experience in event management would be an added advantage. and that's exactly what i have, on top of my main job functions.

hmm... but i said that there's no point for me to go if they dun have that kind of allocations for my position. at last she asked if my expected salary is negotiable. i said no, coz that's the one and only reason i wanna leave, as i'm quite comfy in my current company. she said actually the decision rests on the board and not her. but she kept trying to get me to attend the interview, but i said no lar. y wanna take emergency leave and drive all the way there when i know i won't be interested in what they are offering?

now i'm not sure abt my desicion and if i'm letting go an opportunity for me to upgrade myself. i mean, what if this is the answer to my prayers? after all, i did pray for a satisfying job... and i didn't specify WHERE. hmm...

still... it's NILAI. dun get me wrong... it's as good a place as any other. i'm not looking down on the place or anything. i was just thinking abt my life here in kl. it's not that i have much of a life here, but at least i'll have places to go when i do feel like going out. and at least i have friends in kl. if i'm tucked away in nilai, i won't even be able to continue my skating!

ok ok... i'll just forget abt it. there's no turning back now, so no use regreting it. but one still wonders if it was a lost opportunity.....