Friday, December 10, 2004

we're always looking...

hmm... been talking to my fren, Biow... she's been lamenting to me abt not being able to find anyone in singapore to call a friend. there just don't seem to be any 'kindred spirit' anywhere! so cham...

well, i guess everyone of us are always searching... Biow's searching for a true friend, someone she can be chummy-chummy with, talk on the phone for hours, go for coffee n shopping, share recipes... then my friend Mico, she's looking for a job. her bond with her current company would be ending soon and she wants to move on.

me? hmm... i think i'm searching for a lot of things. but currently, that thing would be a better-paying job that'll not only give me financial satisfaction, but also job satisfaction.

well, some ppl think i should be looking for one other thing, that is a special someone... i guess i should too. like i told Biow, it's not that i'm worried abt my single-hood or anything. i'm perfectly comfy with that. it's just that sometimes it'll really be nice to have someone. i am after all, a gal. and i believe, no matter how strong and confident a gal is on the outside, she'll have moments when she feels down, vulnerable, small, ugly, not appreciated, invisible, etc... she'll still need someone to pamper n love her.

but in the mean time, i'm really thankful for my frens... they're always there for me and are always ready to listen when i need my bitching sessions... kekeke... hey, b4 anyone start looking at me something weird, the bitching i mean here is some sharing and talking and just letting everything out... we're all venusians and bitching is something all venusians need to lift us out from our depths of despair.