Saturday, November 13, 2004

t'was the blog b4 HK...

well, this will be my last blog b4 my much-anticipated trip. hehehe... can’t wait! but i have not even started to pack yet! b4 that, i’ll still have to finish up some work (which i’ve not even started), attend the 2040 performance tomorrow (which PK has so sincerely and bersusah-payah procured the tix for me from other region, coz i missed my own region’s), mop the common area of my apartment (meaning the living n dining area, dry n wet kitchen, balcony n the tiny space between the gate n the wooden door where we put our slippers - it's my turn for duty this week), as well as iron some clothes. now i'm waiting for the washing machine to finish washing my clothes. looks like i'm gonna be pretty bz b4 flying off!

as for my hk trip, initially i was planning to meet up with my web pal, a malaysian working in hk now. we’ve been chatting for years, and i consider him my good online buddy, but somehow or other, we’ve not had the chance to meet. so we thought maybe my trip to hk will present a good opportunity for us to at last meet each other face to face. we even planned to ditch my family members n go for drinks or something. but as it turned out, i’m the one getting ditch! as fate would have it, he’ll be coming back to malaysia the very same week i’m in hk! talk abt bad timing! it’s so funny. so looks like we’ll have to tunduk kepada takdir and remain online buddies till the end of our days! or rather, till disconnection from the internet! neeways, i’ll just dedicate a little paragraph in this blog in his tribute lar! i think he’s a great guy with whom i can really talk to (or TYPE to!), n i must say he's stuck with me thru all my high n low ebbs!
--> hey buddy, if u’re reading this, thanks a lot man, for always being there ‘in my chat list’ n enduring all my sighs!

neeways, i met up with ss today, coz she wanted to 'bomb' me with her wedding invitation card. really nice to see her again, still as pretty as ever! *sigh... how i wish i have her flawless, fair n translucent skin! but then again, my is skin not that bad lar... at least it’s clear of pimples n other skin problems, so i guess i should count my blessing!

anyway, we planned to meet up in midvalley today, but she couldn’t come earlier. so i went there first after work n shopped around while waiting for her. dun worry, ppl! didn’t really buy anything, just a scarf for my mom for the trip (she’s been wanting one). having done my shopping n finished roaming into all my ‘regular hunts’, i was walking aimlessly around the mall n looking at the booths set up in conjunction with the deepavali n hari raya festival, when i happened to see a booth giving henna service! dunno what came over me, maybe it’s the spirit of festivities or something... but i went and got one on my left hand! n i kinda like it! it’ll last for abt 1 week, so i’ll get to show off my henna-ed hand to my hk cousins!


after meeting up with ss, i was feeling kinda restless... so i decided to drive to 1U to get another hair wrap! i’ve been wanting to get one after i took off my last one, so i guess today i really went ahead n did it! i chose blue tones again, but this is different from my last one, in terms of designs n colours.


well, i guess this is a pretty long blog, that’ll last till i come back from my trip! happy holiday!!!