Tuesday, November 09, 2004

first serious fall on the ice...

yeah... it was pretty bad. i was late for lesson last week, coz my coach wanted to combine 2 lessons into one n pushed the lesson time up 1/2 hour (to accomodate the 2 lessons). this was because we canceled the previous week's lesson, due to me being sick. and last week, it had to rain cats and dogs at the time when i'm rushing for my lesson after work. i was late for 15 minutes and the lesson had already begun, so i didn't have the chance to warm-up.

my coach, upon seeing me, straight away asked me to show her my 'One Foot Glide'. i showed her a few bad attempts n she asked me to skate faster so that i'll be able to glide further on one foot. so i listened to her n put in more force into my strokes, but alas... the front part of my right boot (where it's jagged - i've yet to learn the usage of those 'teeths') caught on the ice and i just fell forward. had a pretty nasty cut on my right elbow, coz the ice is very coarse, and a big patch of blue-black on my left knee (no cuts there coz i was wearing long pants). well, my elbow bleed immediately and we had to stop the lesson for one minute for me to stick 2 strips of plaster on them (one was not enough to cover the entire cut). it still aches now, whenever i move my right arm. but worse of all is when it gets wet. then it really stings!!!