Monday, March 23, 2009

pet peeve #104607: people who don't know the difference between formal and casual communications

i don't know... but friends who use "corporate language" in casual settings really get on my nerves! this is especially true in written comm. here are some classic examples, and tell me if i'm the only weird one who feels this way.

1) sms from a bf/gf
"Please advice the best time to come and pick you up"

2) e-mail reply from a good friend, when informing him/her of something
"Noted with thanks"

3) sms in reply to an invitation from a close friend
"Sorry, I am unable to attend due to work commitments"

i mean, hello?!? don't we get enough of "corporate talk" in the office? i even switch to casual comm when typing out an e-mail to some of my better acquainted vendors, for crying out loud!

maybe the reason some ppl write this way is becoz the only time they speak english is in the office and that's the only way they know how to communicate in the language? or maybe they do not want to use bahasa pasar (bm for "street language"). but there are many ways of communicating casually without having to resort to bahasa pasar wat!

for the examples above, won't it be more intimate and not so starchyly-stiff if its written a bit differently?

1) "what time shall i pick u up?"

2) "ok, thanks!"

3) "oh, sorry i can't make it. i have work to do"

but personally, this is how i'll write it:

1) "pick u up at wat time?"

2) "okie! :)"

3) "kenot lar! need to work!"

so to friends and acquaintances out there, please ar! don't use corporate language with me hor!!