Thursday, March 05, 2009

"3 drops of sweat" conversations...

stargal: *grumble*grumble* company making money, and yet force us to take unpaid leave...
bossboss: must think positively. this way, u can go home more often mar
boss: yeah, must spend more time with ur parents...

a few days later...

bossboss: wah, u're taking so many days off for cny?
boss: yeah lar. how can take such a long stretch?
stargal: must spend more time with the parents...
bossboss & boss: *sweat*


KL: hello, i won't be going for practice tonight ok?
stargal: har? then how?
KL: so u all just do ur own sectional lar
stargal: sien lor. why u can't come???
KL: my car broke down lar. u wanna buy me a new car?
stargal: ok, so u dun have to come lar! bye-bye!
KL: *sweat*


aunty: why u keep carrying your backpack like that? put it down lar...
stargal: hehe... it's ok. i'm used to it
aunty: don't you feel very "san-fu" (canto: difficult) carrying your bag like that while eating?
stargal: no lar, i'm always doing this. besides, i'll be the first to go if we need to "jao-lou" (run away)
aunty: *sweat*


stargal: KL, those extra cake, u bring home for your Tiger lar
KL: har? who is Tiger?
stargal: ur dog's name is not Tiger meh?
KL: since when? no lar...
stargal: eh?? then Tiger is whose dog?
KL: how i know ar?
stargal: i dun care! ur dog is Tiger!
KL: *sweat*