Thursday, January 08, 2009

ah bao's baby booties...

actually i finished making this for ah bao more than one month ago, but was just waiting for N to buy the buttons. coz she said she'll take care of the buttons mar. but until now, i've yet to even get a whiff of the elusive buttons, and i think if i wait longer, baby ah bao's feet will no longer be baby feet anymore!

so i went to buy the buttons myself and finally completed the booties yesterday night. red and pink buttons are to make the booties more colourful.

as i sewed on the buttons quite late last night (2 am!), i did not have time to look for a nice paper bag to put them in. and anyway, i dun think any normal paper bag will be suitable. so i fashioned out one that has a broad base so that the booties can be placed side by side. i did it in the office, using whatever resources i have --> coloured A4 papers, cardboard, green ribbon (from our new year performance, still tied to my cello case), double-sided tape and paper clips! nice effect?

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