Saturday, December 27, 2008

just a quick one...

my vegetating days have begun! on 'leave-clearing' leave beginning 24th dec till 4th jan. but actually, have been so bz that i've not much time to vegetate... hopefully next week will be better!

neeways, had some friends from the orchestra over for a pot-luck session and gifts exchange on christmas eve. a lot of stupid and crazy jokes flying around... and played our own version of "truth or dare" --> "truth or drink!"

christmas day, had extended orchestra practice in preparation for our 1st Jan and KLPac performance. a fruitful practice session, i would say. but didn't really enjoy the company. after practice, went for yum-cha with a few orchestra members and a short heart-to-heart as to why i don't enjoy the company of some of the members.

boxing day, was bz with work (from home). need to get everything sent out by the 27th... finished work at abt 2am, pack for today's caving trip (yes, another one!) and went to sleep at abt 3.30am. did not sleep well. kept tossing and turning and waking up every hour or so.

woke up at 7am today. gave N a morning call and got myself ready by 8am. waited for N to come pick me up... now it's past 9am, and still waiting... argh!!! found out she did not pack the night before, but went straight to bed after we spoke on the phone at abt 12am. if i'd known earlier, i'd sleep an extra hour and not feel like shit now.

~~BIG sigh~~