Friday, October 17, 2008

work work work!

argh!!! i'm so burnt out! this past few weeks have been really crazy!

i'm in my room at the hotel now. it's past midnight, but i'm still working... burning the CDs for the press kits and checking all the press kit folders to make sure everything is ok.

boss said i can sleep in tomorrow... we only need to be at the resort at 8.30am, which is a good thing. have not been getting enough sleep lately. was working until quite late yesterday, and then had to rush over to sg. wang to collect something for the launch as well as get some last minute name cards printed for my bossboss. got home at abt 10.30pm, dead tired and have not even packed! and boss wanted to get down to the resort early to have breakfast with mr. t! having a morning person for a boss is really quite torturous sometimes! *sigh*

a long and tiring day today... bossbossboss is down at the resort and we finally had a meeting with the full team. so lots of confirmations and decisions done. tomorrow will be another long day, with last minute guest list confirmations, briefings, meetings and lots of running here and there! oh, not to mention the night arrivals of some of the guests...

ok, i know i'm not making any sense to anyone. *yawn* too tired to explain or go into detail on what's going on. just waiting for the last few pieces of CDs to be burnt and then will just crawl into bed.

good night!