Thursday, October 16, 2008

siem reap: day 4

ok, final installment of my siem reap trip...

we're going home!

breakfast of chicken sandwich at the red piano = USD3

as our flight is at 11.40am, we reckoned we still have some time to burn... so what else? more shopping lar!

last minute shopping at Artisan d'Angkor...

ok, need to rush back to the guesthouse to pack up, as we've booked a tuk-tuk to come at 10.30am to bring us to the airport.

argh! we've bought too many things! need to pack and unpack and pack again... so 10.30am came and went and we were still in our rooms trying to stuff all our things into our bags!

of course the tuk-tuk driver did not wait for us! nothing else better to do ar? we ran out of the guesthouse, frantically looking for any available tuk-tuk to bring us.

at the airport, finally! pray we did not miss the plane! ran in like 2 crazy women to the check-in counter...

flight delayed, thank god! *phew*

trying my best to finish up my water before boarding...

at last, announcement for us to board our flight...

going home... bye-bye, siem reap!

flight was quite empty... we even get an empty seat to put our carry-ons! keke...

N checking out news from home... from someone else's newspapers!