Wednesday, August 13, 2008

when we get too free in the office...

we start chatting nonsense!

LX: i believe if we believe in our dreams, it'll come true lo
me: yeah, me too!
me: actually i have this crazy fantasy... hehe
LX: tell! tell!
me: i was fantasizing, maybe it'll be nice to just marry a diver and run a dive operation in a remote beach
LX: wah!!
me: yeah, just live a simple life... and be a beach bum the whole day!
LX: then u must get a beachboy for a hubby
me: kenot lar... beachboy hubs will only frolick in the sun with bikini-clad girls
LX: wa, u let him get near bikini-clad girls ar? so tai-fong lah u!
me: no choice lar... i need to man the counter mar. the dive operation needs to run... if not how to survive and maintain my beach-side shack?
LX: no one ask u to be there mar
me: aiya, it's just a small operation lar, where got money to employ ppl? everything needs to do it myself lar
LX: fix a schedule lah. get ur hubby to man as well
me: kenot lar... the useless fella will only sapu all the money in the cash register and use it to buy drinks for the bikini-clad girls
LX: aiyo... must keep an eye on him leh. follow him everywhere he goes!
me: yeah lor... but how to keep an eye on him 24 hrs??? if the customer is a bikini-clad girl, takkan i follow them down underwater?
LX: hmm... then u set rules lah... only can wear 1 piece suits! no bikinis allowed!
me: u siao ar? u wan my business to go bankrupt issit? that's y i'm gonna get my own dive master license
LX: eh? what's that got to do with keeping an eye on ur hubs?
me: i'll teach diving also lar. all the sexy girls, i teach!
LX: hahaha... like that also can?
me: ya lar... all the old uncles, the hubs teach. cute young hunks, i teach!
LX: wakakaka...
me: hehehe... good plan?
LX: perfect! i think i'll go take a dive master license also. ur place needs more staff?
me: no, go away! i'm not sharing my cute young hunks with u!
LX: oi, dun be so kiam-siap lah!
me: no, u keep away...
LX: kedekut!
me: :p