Thursday, August 14, 2008

bento #7: express bento

today's dinner before i go off for practice: japanese rice mixed with furikake, 2nd half of yesterday's aparagus, crabsticks, meatloaf and 2 kinds of japanese pickles.

preparing this bento is such a breeze compared to yesterday's! kekeke... but actually, they're about the same! that's bcoz most of the things are leftovers... even the rice! i just need to mix the furikake into the rice (dun even need to heat it up, coz it's supposed to be cold!), microwave the meatloaf, crabsticks and asparagus (yes, even the vege! i'm that lazy!), dish out the pickles and then chuck it all back into the fridge! easy peasy! din even bother making tamagoyaki... hehehe...