Wednesday, July 02, 2008

goodbye, my baby

after much deep and long deliberations, i've finally arrived to a decision... i'm giving up chewie *sob*

ever since i started working, she's been living a very pitiful life. as i'm often working late, coming home only after 8 or later, i don't really have much time for her. normally i'll just let her out long enough for me to feed her and clean her cage. only occasionally will i run her go thru her tricks. and no walks AT ALL!

that's y i feel i'm being so cruel, letting her sit in the cage the whole day long. everyday when i come back from work, she'll be sitting in her cage, looking at me with her big brown kesian eyes, trying to be patient but still can't help whimpering at me, going hungry when i come home late from practice or wherever that i need to go...

and now my job requires me to be outstation frequently... nearly every week! just her boarding fees is enough to burn a hole in my pockets. and i read somewhere that actually, boarding is very stressful for pets, tho' i think chewie is getting a hang of it, coz by now she knows all the gals at the pet boarding place. and she's such a ppl-friendly doggie!

actually i've been toying with this thot for some time now... but was so reluctant to part with her! she's such a smart and easy to train dog... and so lovable too! *sob*

but i finally contacted my friend to tell him that i'm giving chewie up for adoption. he's the guy who gave me niji last time and i remembered him mentioning that if ever chewie has babies next time, he'll want one puppy. that's y i contacted him. but he din reply my sms! apa lar! so i msn his sis, and she asked me some basic questions as well as chewie's pic. then she sent out an e-mail to all her dog-lover friends and within minutes, we have an enquiry!

anyway, to cut the long story short, chewie will be staying in kepong from tonight onwards. and i heard she'll have a new doggie friend too! a schnauzer... hopefully they'll take to each other! actually, chewie is not really a doggie-friendly dog. she seems to like humans more than her fellow doggies! i dunno y... when she went to obedience school, she's had many contacts with dogs of different breeds, sizes and temperaments. and STILL, she's very hostile towards them! *sigh* just hope she'll accept her new schnauzer friend.

but most importantly, hope she'll settle in quickly to her new home and her new owners! that is what i'm most concerned about. coz according to the pet boarders, she'll have diarrhoea the first day in boarding, even tho' her appetite never failed.
and yes, i'm GIVING HER UP, not selling her. many friends, and even the mother, asked y don't i sell her. but how can i? she's my baby! i'm not gonna sell my baby! i just hope for her to have a good loving home, and that she'll live a happy and healthy life. then i'm satisfied.

*sigh* sure gonna miss her! :'(