Thursday, June 26, 2008

surrounded by poisons...

lately, the environment in the office is getting quite tense... although i'm not directly involved in it, but my manager is the main protagonist. and as my seating arrangement is right smack in the middle of the opposing parties, i'm literally caught in the middle of the cross fires.

actually, from a 3rd party's point of view, the matter could've been settled quite amicably. and anyway, it's all higher management's matters. shouldn't involve us small fries.

but the problem is, the assistant of the other manager is such a petty person. in secret, i nicknamed her 'mulut laser' coz everything that comes out of her mouth is like poison, spewing vulgarities and vile remarks left and right. even on good days, she'd have lots to say abt everything and everyone. she may be very nice to you in your face, but the moment you turn your back, she'd be gossiping about you. and nothing escapes her!

so since the outbreak of hostilities between my manager and her manager, her fav topic of the day is of course my manager! her mouth is yakking non-stop the whole day long. and tho' generally she leaves me alone, but she is so loudmouthed that one can't help hearing every word she says. even the designer intern under me is scared of her!

so tired of all her complains, gossips, petty squabbles, name-callings and vulgar remarks. i need earmuffs!!!