Tuesday, April 08, 2008

look what i'm up to now!

been having a kokeshi fever these past few weeks... hehehe... so when i saw this cross-stitch pattern on etsy, i just have to buy it and make it up! never mind that i dun do/have never done any cross-stitching before in my entire life... but look, it's so cute right? so who can blame me? WHO???

but it's quite a big project for a newbie like me... 200 x 150 stitches! every single square crossed! not even a tiny bit of cloth showing! *faintz* so hopefully it'll be done in time for when i move into my new home end of 2009. or am i too ambitious?

p/s: hmm... dunno y the pic turned out so yucky. must be coz it's very low res. nvm lar...