Friday, March 28, 2008

back in the rat race!

so after 10 months of working from home, i think i'm ready to join the workforce again. i know a lot of people envy me for being able to freelance full time. flexy hours, no dress code, be ur own boss etc. yeah, working from home is really nice and all, but there are down sides too.
1) no medical coverage
2) no epf
3) no other benefits
4) u need to be really disciplined to sit at ur desk and get the work done, coz no work means no income
5) no colleagues to be chummy-chummy with
6) no company events to go to
7) no annual bonus
8) u dun get to dress up smartly for the office

and so, i've just been job-hunting actively again, coz u know, i NEED TO GO OUT AND MEET PEOPLE!!!

anyway, i'll be starting at my new company on the 1st of april. so, it's back to commuting to and from work, waking up early, headache with what to have for lunch and ironing clothes!

and here are some weird coincidences:
- i started my previous 2 jobs in april too!
- all 3 jobs made me an offer only 1 day after the interview!

funny, right?