Monday, March 10, 2008

yikes! who is this???

ok, i know 3 consecutive doggie posts is a tad too much, but look what i did to chewie!!!

in her harness at the groomers, waiting for me
to pick her up. no, that's NOT the doggie gym, ok?

yep, i had all her fur shaved off! hehehe... no, it's not for fun, ok? she's been shedding really badly recently and it's longer than the usual shedding period for dogs. plus, her shed-off fur is accompanied by some white flakes, like dandruff, and the skin in her paws were reddish. so i brought her to the doctor for a check-up and it turned out she has a fungal infection on her skin, thus the shedding. so the doctor prescribed some medicine and asked to see her again after she finishes her medication.

sitting prettily for the camera, even tho' looking like a boy-dog!

she looks like a basset hound now, dun cha think? hehe... actually, the doctor didn't ask for her to be shaved. but her fur is flying around the house like nobody's bizz! and they tend to roll up into fur balls when there's wind, like tumbleweeds! the house is like a scene from those cowboy movies. so i dragged her to the groomer's to have her shaved from head to toe!

long legs, long body and long ears... only thing short is the tail!

bored... when is all these clicking gonna stop?

then the groomer said that she may feel a little sad/depressed at first, at the loss of her fur. so it'll be better to get her some clothes so that she won't feel so bare. so i bought her 3 doggie t-shirts... for RM80!!! *&*@^#(%$#@@#!

posing in her new snoopy t

hmm... ok, looks comfy enough in clothes

a red stitch t

...and a blue sleeveless mickey t

but less than 24 hrs later, her NEW snoopy t was shredded! see the right side of the t below? she was in her car crate on her way to obedience school when she got bored (only a 10 minutes car journey!!!). so she entertained herself by biting at the hemp of her t, shredding it to pieces... hmp! useless pup!! @^#*&@A$&*^@$!!!