Tuesday, March 04, 2008

a more obedient pup?

ok, so chewie passed her puppy basic obedience level last week... with 75%! woo-hoo! she was just so good that day, i cooked a whole big bowl of rice topped with a generous helping of doggie food for her dinner!

now she's starting her pre-novice level. hopefully she'll pass with grades just as good (if not better) as the basic level. i forgot to ask the bf to take pictures of us during the test last week, but here are some from her first pre-novice class on sunday. will take more pics at her graduation day for basic obedience.

"chewie, are u ready?" <-- first command at beginning of every task. this is the ready position, sitting nicely on the left

heel work, walking nicely on a loose leash at the left side.
"so many smells, so little time!" she can't seem to keep her nose off the ground!

sit-stay. at the "stay" command, she must not move from her position!

but that doesn't prevent her from checking out the rest of her classmates!

at the end of the class, i'm the one with the disheveled hair!