Wednesday, May 09, 2007


argh!!! wanted to do this as my 2nd tat, a bookmark for N for her upcoming exam end of may. looks so dainty and pretty, right? *pic copied from Mantia's Craft Page

so there i was, happily tatting along, when i realized i missed a join! no, i should say, the instruction failed to mention that i should join up the chains when tatting the 2nd half of the bookmark (the coming back part).

i got to this far:

and then i went like, "hmm... isn't this supposed to be joined to the opposite chain?". so i scrutinized the instruction again, coz i thot maybe i missed the part where i should join. no such instruction... then i scrutinized the picture... yes, it's supposed to join. then i compared mine to the pic... yes, mine didn't join like in the pic. argh!!!

see, A was supposed to be joined to B, but i din join it. wat to do? wat to do? in the end, i decided to abandon it. heck, if i were to continue working with it, do u know how maybe stitches i'll need to pick out? the whole section of C! and i've already closed the ring at D. i hate picking out stitches from a closed ring! *sigh...

and anyway, i've only so much thread left in my shuttle and i hate having to load a new shuttle coz it's such a chore having to tat with a knot in the thread until u can hide it... and i can't hide a knot properly.

so into my tat box it went! NEXT!