Wednesday, May 09, 2007

experimentat handphone ornament

as mentioned earlier, mom wanted a handphone ornament. so decided to try these:

Faizon, the sifu in our ShuttlesandNeedles yahoo! group, was supposed to write out the instructions for these... but she's caught up with something at the moment. so i thot i'd wait patiently for her to come up with it and then try it.
*pic taken shamelessly from Faizon's blog without permission

then i found these small plastic rings among my knick-knacks. i dun even know where they came from or what they were for.

then suddenly i thot, hey, maybe i can try doing the handphone ornament thingy for mom! so that's what i did... and the result:

i wanted to do a pentagon like Faizon's brown coloured one, but the plastic ring was too small. so i guess mom would have to live with a square one instead.

and i wasn't sure if my method is correct. just tatted by intuition (wah che! by INTUITION u know!! hehe...). but near the end, i joined the last ring to the first ring BEFORE completing the split chain on the plastic! yikes!! so i used a stupid method to finish them off (dun ask me how! too stupid to mention here!)

hehe... actually the reason i was so impatient in trying it out was coz i bought mom a handphone for my birthday, as with previous year. yeah, she gets a present from me on my birthday!

anyway, her phone konked out on her recently and she's been using dad's old phone. so i thot i'd get her a new one... hehe... dun have to crack my head for gift ideas this year!

so she was here in kl last weekend, and i wanted to give it to her together with the ornament. nice?

ah, nothing like a prettily wrapped present to melt one's heart!