Tuesday, March 06, 2007

cny '07

2 glaring differences from past years' cny:
1) hk uncle's whole family (including his 2 new daughters-in-law) came to spend cny here in m'sia... cool, 3 additional ang-pao's!
2) the aunties have less 2 persons to nag abt getting partners
---> the bro and me! hehe... thus giving a lot of pressure on the remaining single cousins!

back in kl, lou-sang gathering with a few gco friends at my place.

urgh... i kept asking them to keep their hands away so that
i can get a good shot of the masterpiece , but no one listened!

some entertainment after makan...

chap goh mei...

made this to a gathering at my ex-clg's... when i showed N this pic,
she went 'wow, so nice!' but when i showed her biow's koi jelly,
she said, 'dear, ur friend's fish is much much nicer than urs ler!'
aiyo, must she be so frank? sakit hati betul! ~:(

note on konnyaku koi: as opposed to biow's koi agar-agar, i used konnyaku powder instead. for the koi part, i used laichee flavoured konnyaku powder and the water part is plain konnyaku. not sure if u can see, but i put in some basil seeds in water to make it look like 'fish eggs'. haha... so weird.