Thursday, December 14, 2006

a near release!

so i was gonna release my very first book yesterday, and i was kinda nervous. after work, i walked around for a bit to survey on the best place to release my book… and after a while, i decided to just leave it on a bench. so i found an empty bench opposite the isetan entrance on the ground floor of klcc and sat down. i put the soon-to-go-on-a-journey book down on the bench next to me and put my bag on top of it. i sat there for a while, trying my best to look as natural as possible. i had to make sure there were no passers-by around when i get up to leave. won’t want anyone to chase after me with the book in hand, saying things like, "miss, u forgot ur book!"

after a while, when i thought the coast was clear, i stood up and walked away. after abt 20 paces, i turned around and took a peak at it. it’s still there, sitting innocently waiting for its next potential reader. then i decided to observe it from afar. so i took the escalator up, hoping to watch it from one floor up. but as i was stepping onto the escalator, i saw the cleaner makcik pushing her cart towards the bench and looking at the book curiously. oh sh*t… do i just let the makcik take the book and consider it the book’s karma? or do i chase after the makcik and rescue it?

in the end, i went to take it back. can’t do that to a book, rite? so that’s a false start... gonna try releasing it again later. hopefully someone nice gets it before the cleaner makcik!

or maybe i should find a leng-chai, approach him and say, "hello, do u want a book? it's free!" and hope he buys me dinner? hehe...