Saturday, December 16, 2006


woo hoo! the very first book i released into the wild was caught!!! i'm over the moon now...

yesterday after work, i was just walking around, looking for the right place to leave my book... then i thought maybe i could just pass it to someone. so i started looking ard for the 'right' person to pass it to... and since the book is a romance book, i thought maybe it'll be good to pass it to a girl. then on my way to the lrt station, i saw 3 foreign women walking in my opposite direction and immediately i stopped them with "excuse me, do you want a book? it's free". the woman nearest to me put up her hand and said a very determined 'no'. but her face!!! it's written all over it that she thinks i'm one of those direct sales ppl trying to lure ppl into buying stuff or going for their free trial something! from her face, it's as if she's saying, "look, pls get away from. free? yeah right! i'm not gonna fall for your gimmick!"

i was crushed! this is for a good cause and ppl are treating me as if i'm trying to con them! *bawl*

so, still shaking from being looked upon in that light, i continued walking towards the lrt station. at the queue while waiting for the train, i was standing just next to the bench there. so i thought, why not just leave it on the bench? but i didn't, coz there were a few people sitting there. then the train came, and as the line was making their way forward into the train, i suddenly turned around and dropped the book on the bench. in full view of everyone! after that i just walked casually (with a selamba face) into the train. haha... what an experience.

then yesterday night, after coming home from dinner with N, i saw that someone has caught it and reported it as found (the term we use at bookcrossing is 'made a journal') at the bookcrossing site! even before i had a chance to issue a release note! actually the right procedure is, once u've released a book, u need to make a release note at the website stating where u released it so that bookcrossing can track it. tak sangka the anonymous finder is so enthusiastic in taking action upon finding it...

ah, this made my day. not everyone is as indifferent as it seems. there's hope yet for humanity! am heartened! :)