Thursday, August 24, 2006

it's still mine, after all...

dunno y, i've always felt funny pronouncing my BM name in full. feels so kekok... it sounds ok coming from my friends' mouths (yeah, sometimes we like to call each other's name in full), but when i myself speak it, it just sound so funny (as in funny-weird, not funny ha-ha). maybe i'm so used to introducing myself by my shortened name, that the sound of my full name sounds funny. gosh, i must be the only person in the world to feel alienated from her own name! so weird, right?

i really hate making official phone calls, such as to banks and government offices, where we HAVE to introduce ourselves in full. "Hello, I'm X___ Y___ Z___". urgh!

that's y i prefer places with answering machines. we just need to key in our details (id number, card number etc) and our info would all be there before we actually need to speak to someone. and since they oredi know who's calling, they just need to address us by our surname. "Thank you for calling, Miss C___". isn't that much more convenient?

as for my 'shortened name', i think it all started when i was in sec school. a bunch of my kk friends and i suddenly developed this penchant for calling each other by the first syllables of our given chinese names, adding the 'ah' in front for familiarity. it's so convenient, since most chinese names have 1 syllable of surname and 2 syllables of given name. eg: if your name is Foo Yin Mei, u'll be known as Ah Yin. or if your name is Khoo Hui Ling, then it's Ah Hui. it's as if we started out with full intentions of calling you by your given name, but got lazy half way and just stopped at the 1st syllable! haha...

anyway, i like my shortened name, so much so that i started introducing myself by that name in uni. it's short, simple, sweet and easy to remember. and i think it suits me. it's SO me!