Monday, March 06, 2006

something stupider!

latest developments from previous post, seems that someone is playing a nasty joke in the GCO yahoo group. as it turned out, mr. c did not send that e-mail. here's y we should believe him:

1) he was his usual self on thursday's prac but on friday, he suddenly msg me saying that it wasn't him. he sounded geniunely shocked and pissed that someone would impersonate him and play such a trick. then on sat's rehearsal, he was so quiet and withdrawn, seemingly upset that no one believes him.
2) FY told WK that actually when she and mr. c were quite close previously and mr. c would always fetch her to practices, they'd receive various disturbing messages (not sure if it's phone msgs or e-mails). and what's more disturbing is, that person seemed to know a lot of FY's personal details, things we would not normally tell ppl, or only to our very close friends.
3) the e-mail address used to send that message was not the one usually used by mr. c, but a new one that joined the group just that day.

so even tho' it's puzzling how that joker knows abt mr. c's interest in FY and later me (coz i only told N abt it and i'm sure only FY's close friends knew), and even tho' the prankster's language proficiency is of the same level as mr. c's, we think the probable of it being a prank is much higher than mr. c trying to cover up his ass.

from phone conversation with KK yesterday, realized the severity of the matter and how anxious the persons-in-charge are abt it. KK concluded that it may be the works of someone in GCO itself (*shudder*!!), or it could be an outsider observing GCO closely and have somehow gotten him/herself into the yahoo group. before this, anyone can join the group and post messages in there, so it'll be easy for someone with bad intentions to penetrate into the group and pan zhu sek lou-fu (cantonese for: disguising as a pig to eat the tiger).

and so, KK sent this out to everyone:

Dear all,

After much investigation, we would like to clarify that someone is trying to cause havoc by using a fake email address to post injurious messages to our communication network. We have taken precautious steps hopefully to eliminate such doings in future. FYI, every message posted now will be screened through by our moderators before sending out to all members. Also, new members signing up will need our approval before joining in.

We apologise to all especially Mr. C for becoming the victim to this case. We hope this message will clarify and restore Mr. C's goodwill and reputation. Anyway, it could just be a joke someone wish to crack or someone trying to be funny; just that it's not funny at all and caused much anxiety to some of us! Whoever this person maybe, if you want to apologise, we will much appreciate you do so!

Thanks for all who are concerned about this case and once again very sorry for all the inconvenience caused.


and so, case closed! (for now...)