Friday, March 03, 2006

something stupid

background info:
1) GCO (the orchestra) has a yahoo group that its members use for communications, and to send info or updates, or sometimes just to keep in touch.
2) there's this fellow cellist (let's call him mr. c) in gco who's been quite forward in his advances towards me, and for whom i've not an ouce of feelings whatsoever.

on tuesday night, mr. c posted a message to the yahoo group, with the subject "hope all GCO member will support me... thank a lot...". the content (copied in full, with only changes done on names mentioned) goes.....

stargal, before that, i really thought that the FY is very important for me, but when i know more on you and communicate more on you, i only realize that the more important person in my life is you and i really love you...I love you....stargal,give me a chance... i only love you...all here can become the witness

the reaction:

after reading it several times and convinced myself that this is indeed not a prank, felt "n'ng" (hokkien for faint/lemah). immediately called N up and asked her to check her mail and then to call me back.

N: *scream*
stargal: how how how???
N: *scream*
stargal: what is he trying to do???
N: *scream*
stargal: is he crazy or what?
N: *scream*
stargal: ok, u can stop screaming now and start talking!

after consulting N, W and CC, thought it best that i give a reply, reason being:
1) if keep quiet, the other members may think i'm ok with it n he has a chance.
2) HE would think he has a chance.
3) i have to bring the matter to a proper close.
4) i need to highlight the misusage of the yahoo group for such nonsense.

but, i need to take into consideration:
1) his feelings. we are still comrades in faith and in gco (same section some more!)
2) the feelings/mood of the whole group after getting such things in the mail.

my reply:
aiyo mr. c! apa lar u! y say such geli things here??? memalukan only!

seriously, thank you for your high regards for me. but sorry to tell you that i already have someone dear in my heart. if i've ever done anything to cause any misunderstanding for you, let me say i'm sorry.

anyway, let's be matured people ok? please do not misuse this yahoo group for such things. this group is solely for communications among GCO members. let's keep it a healthy group, ok?

u understand boh? :)

~ stargal

actually i'd wanted to write that i'm already attached, but CC said he may not believe that. also, according to her, takkan announce to the whole group that i'm attached?! zhong sai pei yan kao keh? (cantonese for: how other ppl wanna court u later?) true also. so just write that i've already been smitten by someone else.

and what communications??? as far as i'm concerned, i have no conversational topic with him! everytime we do talk, i have to lower myself to his level and talk nonsense with him. if that's his idea of communication, then he's shallower than i thought.

also, he didn't do any research beforehand. i doubt that he knows how old i am! ok, i dunno y, but have this tendency to attract younger guys. but this mr. c is so young that he's became my personal record! urgh!

current situation:
1) he's still as thick-skinned as ever during practices, disturbing ppl shamlessly n attracting lots of attention onto himself. kenot stand!
2) KK (yahoo group owner) has banned him from the group
3) GCO members went about business as usual, tho' i did notice some funny glances my way
4) from yum cha session with some of the gals after practice, found that they thought him to be a stupid, childish and conceited ass.
5) KK and WK (GCO's persons-in-charge) will let this matter rest, it being his first case. but if he causes anymore trouble, they'll definitely give him the boot. (WK: i can't have such things happening in GCO. it has happened before and now it's happening again. i'd rather lose a cellist than have *MH's case be repeated).

oh, found out too that FY have rejected him long time ago! and there he was, writing as if he's dumped FY! how insensitive of him to bring up her name! URGH!!!

*MH's case: a long time ago, there was this member in GCO, L, who was so obesessed with clarinetist MH that when she rejected him, he stalked her back home and even went up to her office to profess his love for her. she had to engage the help of the security guards to drive him away! and after every practice, the guys in GCO would need to escort MH home coz he would be stalking her. the issue was even brought up to general director! in the end, an order was issued that L not be allowed into our culture centre grounds and MH disappeared from GCO, changed her phone number and maintained a low profile in the culture group front.