Sunday, December 25, 2005

happy kk day...

other than xmas, today is also kk's anniversary. during orchestra practice yesterday, saw some kk gals in the dorm... they're staying overnight. and also some outstation kk members as well... i know they're outstation coz they're still wearing the cloth 'nametags' that kl kk members have long ago discarded. hehehe... so cute, seeing them wearing those... brought back lots of sweet memories.

anyway... only found out that they were having a general meet. forgot that the last time was in 2000 and it's a 5 year event.

so sad... coz this time i'm no longer part of them. everytime i think abt this, i'll feel sad. kk is like a part of my childhood. i practically grew up in kk!

i still remember when i made the decision to leave kk... i wrote an e-mail to biow, telling her of my decision, tears flowing down the whole while.