Wednesday, August 03, 2005

straight from the heart?

"hope you find your true love", "hope you treat your next one better", "here's wishing you happiness"

how many times have we uttered these words at the end of a failed relationship? and how many times do we actually mean it and say it from the bottom of our hearts? dunno about the rest of the human kind, but for me, nil. if i were to say what was really in my heart, it would go something like this:

"here's wishing you'll never find another as good and nice and pretty and intelligent and smart and cute etc (note that it's all AND and not OR) as me, and spend the rest of your life alone, regretting every second the hurt you've caused me and every drop of tears you've caused me to shed."

yep, i'm keeping grudges. i can't let go. i can't forgive. i don't want to forgive. no one who hurt me that much have the right to be happy. what makes him think that he can just drop in, play havoc with me and then drop out again? this is no bloody touch n' go, ok?

evil as it may seem, i'm really curious about the kind of karma he's created for cheating n lying, tho' no doubt the very thought of it (and the pleasure from knowing he's definitely created a whole big chunk of it) would have earned me some -ve karma of my own.