Saturday, August 06, 2005

spot the difference

my room with the piano (top) and post-piano days. can see the difference? not the difference in bedsheet n curtains lar! but the furniture... the piano is the almost black-dark brown thing right next to the computer, in case anyone still can't find it. here, the arrangaments are quite similar, unlike the pre-piano days. too bad didn't have that pic in soft copy, coz was taken a long time ago when i first moved in. that time belum buy digital camera yet...

p/s: my room looks a bit bare without aragon looking down at me sleep hor? removed that poster coz always have the icky feeling of aragon glaring at me n trying to stab me with his sword, esp in the dark! tho' why would anyone, esp righteous aragon, wanna stab such a cute damsel is way beyond me! :Þ