Thursday, June 02, 2005

getting fatter...

gosh! i've only been in this company for 1 1/2 month and already my waistline is increasing!

my company will be having a (3D2N) family day at A'Famosa Melaka with the second night dinner a themed event (Ebony & Ivory). so i was just trying out my clothes to see what can i wear or if i should get new clothes. in the end, decided on a simple white top with black linen pants. nothing special, coz not expecting to win the 'best dressed' - i'm not even sure if they have such prize!

neeways, i was trying out all my black n white pieces yesterday when to my horror, i found out that i can't squeeze into my white Hush Puppies skirt anymore! and my white linen pants make my tush look so obscenely repulsive! urgh!!!

it seems my company has some kind of makan culture. we're like always eating! all the meetings will surely come with refreshments (even a 4 person dept meeting!) and we have celebrations, etc. everything involves food... and the lunch i get here at klcc is no help at all. it's either fast food or mixed rice.

i thought of bringing my own food, but can't think of any that won't add on to the inches? egg-mayo sandwich is out due to the mayo, fried rice is very fattening, sushi is too expensive, mee cup is unhealthy... *sigh... suggestions anyone?

but i've started taking biscuits for breakfast now, instead of buying the nasi lemak/fried rice/fried mihun/fried mee that's being sold in the pantry. but biscuits can't last me very long, coz i get hungry again at 11am (and lunch is at 1pm!) now thinking maybe i should join the gym like some of the gals here...