Friday, May 20, 2005

a love affair

starting to get chummy-chummy with my new clgs... and one of the first things they asked me was if i'm attached. seems like they have nothing else to talk abt. it's relationships whole day long! neeways, after knowing that i'm still single, they all start to suggest that i get to know all the available chinese guys from our sales channels... (what abt that Tan? oh, kenot same surname ar? then Lee also ok wat... if not how abt Quah?) apa lar...

but dunno y, dun seem to have much interest in that area anymore. *gasp! am i beginning to lose interest in guys??? hmm... dunno lar... maybe i was badly burned... 3rd degree burn? feel really numb abt the whole affair. and a little phobia too... just not in the mood for love at the moment.

maybe next week lar... hahahaha!

neeways, just to share something i commented in mico's blog, in her entry which is also on love:

read this in a book:
"i still love you, but i'm not in love with you anymore. love is what's left when being in love has gone, okay? it's when you care about someone and you hope they're happy, but you're not under any illusions about them. maybe that kind of love is not exciting and passionate and all those things that fade with time. all those things that you're so keen on. but in the end it's the only kind of love that really matters"

i tot to be in love is wat's matter and wat's keep the relationship going isn't it wat we r looking for to be "in love" n not just love?

i think 'in love' here is a relationship with all the rainbows, flowers, honey and all those sweet stuff. like honeymoon lar. but how long can those things last? it's the LOVE that'll sustain a relationship till the end. like when u're 40 y/o, u look at ur hubby with pot-belly in a dingy ole singlet, sweating in the garden... and u still feel love for him.