Saturday, March 05, 2005

what happened?

mom called yesterday, telling me that bro has been admitted to the pantai hospital (again). he was having lunch with his colleagues yesterday when he suddenly blacked-out and started having fits. so his clgs sent him to the hospital. now he's in the ICU, waiting for brain scan... have not talked to him yet, coz no phones are allowed in the ICU.

actually, this happened b4. and the scary thing is, it happened exactly last 1 year ago, 3rd of march 2004. yesterday was 4th of march 2005. last year, he had just got home from work n was having dinner when he blacked-out and started shaking and spewing white foam... luckily there was a meeting at my house at that time, so there were a few guys (mom told me a few, but i only remember peter) to help carry him. the doc did a brain scan n some other tests, but found nothing. everything was normal n can't find any explanation for it.

then yesterday, it occured again. dunno why... there're no history of fits in my family. the doc said if they dun find any tumour in his brain, then all they can do is to prescribe medication for 1/2 year to stabilize him. n he also advised bro not to drive, coz his black-outs are very sudden and could be very dangerous if it occured when he's driving.

gosh... so scary!!! praying hard that he's ok. i've already lost one brother, i can't afford to lose another. he may be a pain sometimes, but he's still my brother. was quite emotional last night... can't imagine what life would be like if he were to leave us. ok ok... i'll not think that, lest i start crying again (n this is the office!).